A creative agency
based in Milan

Sweetspot Creative Agency was established in 2020 as a "spin off" from its Germany based older sibling, the Sintesi Labs Design Group.

This gave us the unique opportunity to start an agency simultaneously tailored around our team, partners and core beliefs, which have successfully worked together for years. 

Sweetspot represents a healthy balance between the amount of consultancy that modern brands need to fulfill their communication goals and the premium execution in the creation of their required content.



Brand Identity

We help brands to invent (or re-invent) their visual identity by taking care of a well-balanced and coherent portfolio of visual elements, such as logos, colors, typography and the combination of these elements in material of any medium.


Editorial Design

Being the "classic", the "bread-and-butter" of graphic design disciplines, this is where details and meticulousness count. We tackle it with a combination of years of experience in print production and flare from our knowledge of cutting edge design disciplines.


Web Design

When we design websites and web based platforms we stand on the shoulders of our sibling company and its web development experts. 
This fusion unlocks the full creative potential of this rich and complex medium, allowing us to design extraordinary yet functional websites.



Our favorite golden rule of UI design is to put the user in control of the interface. Every task while carefully crafting interfaces, focuses on that principle. We know we have reached our goal when the user has as much fun using the product as we had building it!


Motion Graphics

We are passionate about moving pictures! It is a perfect medium to tell stories, explain complex processes and focus attention “on a point”.
We know well how to move pixels for all these purposes, and we explore new ways every day.


Visuals and Illustrations

A refreshing icon set, explanatory infographics, light illustrations and heavy artwork: What might seem like "design-snacks", in reality is the heart of what creativity can achieve when it's freed from heavyweight context. And more often than not, it's the cherry on top of the design pie!