We were asked to design and develop a new website for an engineering & construction services company which was supposed to emphasise the strategic orientation on architectural services supported by a selection of suitable project examples.

The website was also supposed to serve as an easy to handle data exchange platform for project partners and clients.

We were in charge of the full development process, from conception to implementation.

Concept and implementation

The visual and functional center of our concept is the portfolio-browser. It shows a complete project overview as well as a detailed description of each project, which could be easily filtered by specific categories.
From a usability point of view particular focus was given on the conception and development of the data exchange platform, required to be used by clients and partners without any learn effort.
Thanks to our in-house developed "fastframework" web platform we were able create a very intuitive website both for the visitor and the content-manager in a short period of time.

Mobile - Tablet - Desktop

The website features a full responsive web design experience.

Some of our projects