SMEG Garantie

Service Campaign


Development of an extended product warranty promotion.

Information about the extension of the manufacturer's warranty on selected products is to be provided within the framework of a campaign. A service website is to enable customers to extend the warranty to 5 years themselves.

The assignment includes the development of a campaign symbol, information material for the retail and the customer, social media content, as well as the design and development of the platform for handling the warranty extension process.


The developed logo binds together the entire material produced for the campaign and is used in particular as a sticker at the POS.

Print material for the retailers

The sales folder informs the retailer about the promotion, its details and about the registration process.


The customer handles the warranty extension himself through the campaign website and receives a warranty certificate after registering the product.
Administrators can manage the collected customer data centrally and export it for further data processing.

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