Orangutan Event

Event Branding


The Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior is organizing a “Science Outreach Event” on the subject of primate research.

While our sister agency Sintesi Labs conceived the exhibition design, we took over the design of the graphic appearance, as well as the development and production of the print material, wayfinding system and branding elements.


The project begins with the design of the key visual. The core message of the event, the development of intelligence in primates using the example of the orangutan, must be apparent at first glance.

Componiamo il Key-Visual nello stile collage tipico dell'Istituto Max Planck e da una combinazione di colori forti.


Il sistema di orientamento è un elemento importante del evento. L'obiettivo è quello di guidare il pubblico verso le singole stazioni dell'evento.

Other elements, such as info points and overview panels, complement the exhibition graphics and represent a hybrid between the wayfinding system and exhibition furniture.

Information boards

Transfer of scientific knowledge to the general public is the core task of the event. This is why we process the available scientific texts into easy-to-understand information and display boards.

Illustrations, which we develop specifically around the key topics, also help to quickly grasp the content visually.

Family concept

An event that is explicitly aimed at families and children as well as a professional audience requires special care in terms of visual communication.
We develop ‘Ellie’, a comic character that runs through all the stations of the event aimed at children.


In addition to the concept and graphic design, we also take care of the production of all elements. This means that our customer receives the result from a single source.


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