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Over a planned period of 15 years, the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) in close collaboration with Goethe-Institutes worldwide presents "new olds. Design between Tradition and Innovation", a travelling exhibit available in numerous venues, that brings together "ideas on contemporary theory and design practice in a variety of nations and cultures".

The aim was to take account of the exhibition's long duration and rich amount of temporarily shown exhibits through a yet to be developed online-concept and a correspondingly functioning online-platform as "digital counterpart" to the exhibition.

We were entrusted with its conceptual and graphical development, as well as with its technical implementation.

A "rain of exhibits"

Over the years, more and more exhibits enrich the exhibition - the platform becomes a compendium. To ensure that no exhibit is forgotten, the website presents them as infinite moving bands to the visitor.


The illustrated view of the exhibition through the eyes of the exhibitor complements the actual format of the platform: the presentation of - and discussion about - exhibits.

Each exhibit invites discourse. The designer can take on a moderating role if desired.

From the more than 20 stations of the exhibition worldwide, the platform collects and presents almost 200 exhibits from about 150 designers.

Some of our projects