Exhibition Design


The annual "Biotopia Festival" organized by the Bavarian State Museum of Life-Science is to be developed in terms of design.

The project includes the development of a main concept based on the festival theme, as well as the implementation and production of the wayfinding-system for the approx. 1,000m² area, information boards, exhibitor signage for the approx. 100 participants, as well as other specific exhibition elements.

Concept: "Frames & Skins"

All visual elements that convey information or serve orientation follow the basic concept of "frames and flags", which takes into account the need for a lightweight and mobile system for the 1-day event. Within this modular setting, we play out the multiple design possibilities.

An overview of the signage system elements: numerous configurations are possible thanks to different flag suspensions.


All signage system elements are uniformly designed in strong colours to provide quick orientation in the heterogeneous event area.

Information boards and exhibitor signage

The exhibitor signage also follows the general design principle. This ensures a uniform appearance down to the smallest level of exhibit labelling.

Other design elements

We adapt the design of distinctive exhibition elements such as the "Central Exhibit Display" to the theme of the festival - this year "EAT - what does the future taste like?.

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