Amazon Amaversary

Interactive Apps


We are asked to invent a series of interactive applications for the exhibition "25 Years of Amazon Germany", which is being curated by our german sibling agency Sintesi Labs. The purpose of those applications is to present key aspects of the Amazon universe in a tangible, entertaining way.

The assignment includes the identification of suitable topics, the development of game concepts, graphic design and technical realisation.

Fascination Amazon warehouse

In our search for suitable topics, the subject of warehouse logistics particularly appeals to us. Given that Amazon is a leading innovator in this area, the topic is a natural fit for an exhibit.
We want to share our fascination for the perfectly interlinked processes with visitors of the exhibition through an engaging game experience.

Warehouse logistics processes are highly optimised. The goods pass through a defined sequence, which ultimately enables all necessary tasks to be carried out in an absolutely smooth and time-optimised manner.

The well-known "15 Puzzle" game is based on the idea of placing a sequence of numbers in the right numerical order. In this puzzle, the order is created by moving tiles horizontally or vertically.
For us, this was an ideal starting point for the development of the game concept.

Development of the game concept

Based on the principle of the sliding puzzle, we design several graphics for the game concept. Half labyrinth, half logic puzzle, the path of the goods through the warehouse is to be rebuilt by sliding the tiles.

We learn from our own experiments: Every tile has to be unique for the game to work. As soon as we fall below the threshold of 2 minutes to solve the puzzle in prototypes, we consider the concept ready for detailed realisation.

All relevant steps in the warehouse are illustrated in a memorable overall composition.

Using the example of a book delivery and dispatch, we animate the warehouse process.
This visual tidbit awaits you as a reward for solving the puzzle.

Final Implementation

We are implementing the puzzle game as a web-based application - it's time to puzzle!

More apps

We are realising 2 more apps as part of the project.
Conceptually, these each deal with noteworthy topics from the Amazon world.

"Rate the ratings"

In this app, visitors can rate curious (real) product reviews according to their "funniness". Rating interaction is based on the "left-right swipe" principle.

"Amazon location browser"

In this application the enormous number and variety of different Amazon locations can be experienced and visualised interactively.

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